Connections has a specific focus on engaging adults age 55 and older in volunteerism. By helping promote and connect active adults to volunteer opportunities, a positive influence on health, well-being and self-worth is realized as we continue to serve to make a difference in our community.

Are you wanting to expand your social network? Do you have some time to make our community great? Do you have a special skill or talent you would like to share? Please contact Connections and we will make sure you are referred to the local non-profit that can use you most based on your availability and ability.

In addition to working with the non-profits throughout Delaware County, Connections Volunteer Center manages two programs that rely on older adults:

Senior Companion Program

The Senior Companion Program is a national program that matches companions 55 and older with clients 55 and older to help them live independently. Senior Companions provide support to family caregivers, socialization to their clients, and assist with grocery shopping or other errands to help maintain independence. Senior Companions volunteer for 20 hours per week and receive an hourly stipend and mileage for their service. We also accept referrals for clients to best serve Delaware County seniors. Please contact Connections to become a Senior Companion or client today.

Become a Companion

The Senior Pen Pal Program

The Senior Pen Pal Program matches adults 55 and older with fifth graders in the Delaware City Schools to make a big difference. The Pen Pal and student both read the same book and exchange letters to share thoughts on the story and life experiences that help bring the stories to life. Pen Pals can choose to correspond via mail or email and will write a total of six letters during two consecutive sessions that take place every January through April. The end of year celebration is always a heartwarming experience to finally meet the person you have only known through writing. Please contact Connections to volunteer for this worthwhile program.


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